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Farmer Gene Gibbs should have gone with his gut instead of his wallet when he purchased his farm's newest livestock. Guaranteed to be 99.9% like the 'real' thing, Gene quickly learns just what that margin of error costs...and it just might be his life....

Title : old mcdonald
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ISBN : 18160586
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 97 Pages
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old mcdonald Reviews

  • Anthony Hains
    2019-04-30 14:13

    I was offered a free copy of this novella for an honest review, although as an Amazon Prime member, I was able to download the work for free. Old McDonald is like The Walking Dead, but with farm animals. Bio-Barn Corporation has developed a means for cloning farm animals (cattle, goats, chickens, you name it) and has started selling their products to farms of all sizes across America. This is the answer to food production problems and high risk agriculture. One of the customers is Gene Gibbs, a farmer in an unspecified mid-western state. Something unthinkable happens, however. These cloned animals are “different” and soon turn on humans. It’s like the food chain has suddenly reversed itself in a cruel (for the people anyway) twist of fate. All of these docile animals become carnivores, ripping, tearing and then devouring men, women, and children alike. When Gene’s wife is seriously injured in an attack, Gene and his young farmhand must run for help. So begins the story.Author Andrew Saxsma has written a deviously fun novella – which actually appears to be the first in a series. The story is wonderfully told, the pacing is perfect, and the plot is gripping. Granted, the plot is ridiculous, but I didn’t care – I was wrapped up in the world and I was able to suspend disbelief. There are some genuinely creepy and gruesome moments. There is a section where hundreds of cattle attack Gene in his truck which is quite unsettling (I kept thinking, who would have thought you could make cows horrifying?). Needless to say, I think Andrew Saxsma is quite a gifted storyteller. There are some flaws that the author may want to address in this and future efforts. For instance, he missed occasional misspellings, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies in emotion and logic. There are frequent shifts in point of view – often with each paragraph and sometimes within paragraphs. I found the shifting to be confusing and unnecessary – sticking with one character would have been sufficient and more effective. Nonetheless, the story itself is quite good, and I wouldn’t want any of these things to deter someone from reading Old McDonald and missing out on a rip-roaring yarn.

  • Jimmy Garland
    2019-05-19 15:01

    I enjoyed this book very much. It inspired me with ideas for my own writings. The author takes an idea for our modern day news headlines and delivers a wonderful story line.

  • Andrew Saxsma
    2019-05-08 16:06