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Stuck in a world of sex and violence, Ricky longs only for Emma for she haunts his every fantasy. There's only one person in his way, Brittany. Seemingly always one step ahead and the master of manipulation, she seems infallible. What she soon discovers is that he's learned from the master and her world begins to spiral out of control. Games are played, secrets revealed, aStuck in a world of sex and violence, Ricky longs only for Emma for she haunts his every fantasy. There's only one person in his way, Brittany. Seemingly always one step ahead and the master of manipulation, she seems infallible. What she soon discovers is that he's learned from the master and her world begins to spiral out of control. Games are played, secrets revealed, and accidents happen....

Title : A Rainbow in the Dark
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ISBN : 9781492309017
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 72 Pages
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A Rainbow in the Dark Reviews

  • Poison
    2019-04-26 09:26

    After finishing Becoming Brittany, I read this one right after. My review of Brittany should tell the story of how I felt about it, but suffice it to say I thought Rainbow was the stronger book. Blame Goodreads for identical ratings, as this one is a 3.5 star for me. (I round down, on GR)Alright, lets quickly discuss characters! Emma isn't in here all that much from a getting to know her point of view. Its clear she used to hang with Brittany when Brittany was doing drugs and random BDSM stuff? Brittany is the same as we've known, manipulative, deceitful and cruel. Richard is still an 18 year old boy, albeit one who enjoys beating and hurting women. Its way too early to refer to him as a Dom. He is a little bit less of a pussy here, which I guess you might call character growth? There are other supporting characters, but I'm not interested in them.I am not sure I can describe the plot. Brittany wants Rick. I am not sure what she wants, in regards to Rick, like, I'm not sure if she fancies herself a Domme, and wants him as her sub, or if she thinks she's a switch, and wants to switch off with him, but she wants something. Maybe she doesn't know either, I mean, she's what, 19? Shenanigans ensue, with Brittany plotting to have him, and Rick falling for Emma, Brittany keeping Emma away from him, etc, which all leads to the big conclusion, another "accidental" killing perpetrated by Brittany. The book was suspenseful, for sure, and the suspense was well done.The sex scenes are pretty good, and the "BDSM" scenes were also pretty good, in a "Not really BDSM, more abusive people doing spontaneous abusive stuff" sort of way. Everything sort of feels "Consentual non-consent" which is like, rape play, or whatever, in scene. They were definitely the best part of the book.So, 3.5 stars, plot was thin, characters were slightly thin, suspense good and sex scenes good.

  • Dani Steph
    2019-05-07 06:03

    Since this is the book I was reading when I joined, it will be my first review. Let's start with the fact that when I read "Becoming Brittany" - it was a wow moment. I thought I was just getting another erotica short but instead got a truly suspenseful story that left me wanting more. The characters were rich, and you feel like you know each one intamantly because of how it's written.The first book is just an introduction to the characters, whereas "A Rainbow in the Dark" is the climax to the plot. Things begin to unfold in a most fantastic way, and you figure out why it's called "The Accidental Killer" amongst other things.New characters are introduced such as the bad ass ONYX who I so want more of!! Then you have a love story in such a dark setting - I love that it is played down in the book as there are other things going on. I'm not keen on dopey love stories but this one is promising. THE GAME is the biggest OMG that I've read. I felt like I was there watching the craziest BDSM FETISH Foursome!! If you want to be shocked then this is a must read.I was introduced to this book by a little rainbow haired chick who walked into my parlor and I am so thankful!! Thanks Eve.

  • Iris Jennings
    2019-05-01 05:10

    I've been anticipating the release of this book since July 4th weekend and I am so happy I didn't have to wait forever and a day to get my fix. Too be honest I was more than surprised by the withholding of one of the main characters from the first book. It was a very bold calculating move that I think was genius! Then the introduction of Onyx, whoa!! Definitely want a back story for her cause she's awesome!What I like is that this series main character is Ricky, not Brittany. He's the one you put in your pocket and journey down the adventure with - although the way it's written you think you're just a voyuer peaking in on them all.Brittany always thinks she has things figured out but she really looses it and it had me talking out loud saying, "that's what you get" or more colorful sayings LOL! THE GAME is like an insane BDSM scene! Several times I had to cover my mouth in shock. Serran wrap, who knew?!?Okay but seriously ~ any book that makes you blush, talk out loud, and be animated while you're reading it has to be pretty damn good!!!

  • Yvie Towers
    2019-05-07 12:05

    In this sequel to the awesomely twisted Becoming Brittany, we revisit Brittany and her crazy ways. This time around she's more human AND more monstrous. How S.L. Walker pulls that off convincingly escapes me - but I like that. We're introduced to new characters, all of whom are just a little bit Brittany in some way or another. Apparently, her influence knows no bounds - the change in Ricky from the first book to now is just the best part of this one, and he's completely flipped out. Who's the top? Who's the bottom? It's all crazy, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

  • Octavia Jones
    2019-05-12 13:10

    First off - I read this book as a stand alone, and then went back and read Becoming Brittany. The beginning of the book was really a push and pull between the two main characters Ricky & Brittany. It reminded me of being young and playing mind games when in a relationship. As I read further is when I started to see the BDSM slip in and got just what their relationship entailed and that what they were warring about was power.All the time I wandered who Emma was and why he wanted her so badly (Now I've read Becoming Brittany, I understood but this was a mystery during my reading). The shower scene was something straight out of a movie and had me biting my fingernails intrigued.The whole reason I read this was because I heard from a friend about THE GAME and ONYX... The game was so freaking-ly crazy! That's all I want to say about that because anything more would ruin it. I want to talk about ONYX. Miss S.L. Walker has created a strong dominating black female that I love. Within her time in the story you see her BDSM façade that shows her powerful dominating side and then turn around to see an inner compassionate sensible woman. She has layers that are yet to be explored and I want them explored! I must have a book about ONYX. Her dialogue was believable, and hard hitting! I expect retribution for the dreads - like for real!! Note: I wasn't expecting to write a review for any books, just to rate them. I mostly wanted to begin discussions in book groups, etc. but after posting a general question on this book and getting a reply - I will write a review.

  • Suri Hiro
    2019-04-30 09:32

    I knew there was a second book, I'm always skeptical of the second book. It's a make it or break it moment.It was different from the first because I was looking for a plot. I had to reread it to enjoy it because frankly it was the same feeling I ended the first book with - an unanswerable question of why did I like it. So the second read was the one where I cleared my mind of expectation.The character growth in Ricky was a blast to observe. This was the "IT" factor in this book. New characters were introduced in one sick overload of sex, fetish, and violence that will leave you with your mouth on the floor. SERIOUSLY, this is a book you really don't want to venture into if you weren't able to handle the darkness that enveloped the first one.It was also a very new concept to make a character haunt the book. Emma haunts this story and you are always questioning when she would be back. I liked this.Three Stars was just simply it took me a second read to enjoy it. Still didn't figure out where it was all leading but I liked it.

  • Joleene Dixon
    2019-05-22 13:08

    This series is so different comparatively speaking to other adult fiction. The short format 70-80 pages each is nice, and the way each chapter is from a different persons perspective. What stood out is there is sex, really interesting and awesome scenes BUT there is more plot. You have a storyline playing out so it's not like your reading ONLY sex scenes - there is a turn paging story that you become addicted to.The author seems approachable and speaks to her fans but other than that she plays it low profile. This seems to be a book series that is becoming popular, but in the meantime there aren't any sneak peeks into what's coming next due to it being a bit off the radar - which is grinding!! I want the next book pronto...

  • Leisha
    2019-05-09 11:25

    *I am currently reading the complete series but would like to rate the individual parts as well. Copy received by the author for the purpose of beta reading.*I'm still very much on the fence about this one - in the second instalment we get to know the characters better, Ricky and Brittany become more refined but it's still very much confusing to me - where will this end?Note: I would like to highlight that this is definitively a dark read with very intense BDSM play.

  • S.L. Walker
    2019-05-26 09:10