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New York Times bestselling author of Wicked Embers cranks up the tension in the next Souls of Fire novel, featuring Emberly Pearson, a phoenix who assumes human form to fight death at every turn.…   Emberly and her red hot partner, Jackson, have hit an impasse in their battle against the crazed humans infected by a plague-like virus derived from vampire blood. Their questNew York Times bestselling author of Wicked Embers cranks up the tension in the next Souls of Fire novel, featuring Emberly Pearson, a phoenix who assumes human form to fight death at every turn.…   Emberly and her red hot partner, Jackson, have hit an impasse in their battle against the crazed humans infected by a plague-like virus derived from vampire blood. Their quest to unearth the leader of the group leads them into an ambush—and leaves Emberly at odds with her former lover, Sam, who’s pressuring her to join his Paranormal Investigations Team.   To make matters worse, three local witches have been kidnapped—and if their spells fall into the wrong hands, Emberly’s powers could end up smothered. With time ticking until the virus consumes the world, Emberly and Jackson must race to save the witches, find a cure, and smoke out their nemesis—or go down in a blaze of glory......

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Flameout Reviews

  • Fabienne Gilbert
    2019-05-08 18:33

    DNF @ 55%As much as I really want to carry on with this series because I do love the character, I just can't bring myself to do it. It is actually getting painful to carry on with the same names and new ones being chucked in over and over. I swear if all the names got pulled out the book it would probably be half as thick! I am getting really tired of reading about a set of missing notes.... FOR THREE BOOKS! I mean, yes I understand those notes are key to help a cure be made but still this is getting a little crazy. Then the co-plot for this book is only being introduced at like 48%? What is going on there? AND lets not forget Jacksons whole little I don't think we'll be together sexually much longer but partnership wise yes. ?.? was my reaction to that. I guess his fae senses picked up on something but still. Honestly I cant even see myself attempting to pick this back up it was just too painful. I may try again depending on what I hear about book four when it comes out in June 2017, but at the moment no chance.

  • Beth
    2019-05-16 15:27

    Flameout is a dark, raw and consuming addition to the Soul of Fire series.Emberly, Phoenix, is still working with Jackson to find the collective leader of the virus infected humans. They seem to have hit an impasse in their battle against the virus but have been making some headway into the leader’s true identity.Someone with knowledge about Emberly’s powers is using that knowledge against her, trying to cap her abilities. Each time we turn around, Emberly is racking up more enemies as well as new alliances.Sam, Emberly’s soulmate, keeps delivering devastating blows at Emberly but the worse blow comes when you least expect it, practically ripping Emberly’s as well as our hearts out.The sexual encounters are flammable, and I mean that literally. Emberly requires flame to recharge her energy and the fates are cruel by choosing Sam as her soulmate.Arthur has created a magnificent world with an urban fantasy that hits home with its brutal but realistic tendencies. I am a big fan of Arthur’s writing but something in the pacing of this story kept me from absolutely loving it. Don’t get me wrong, great story that I will continue to follow but I wasn’t riveted to the pages as I have been with all her other works.I received this ARC copy of Flameout from Berkley Publishing Group - Signet in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication July 5, 2016.My Rating: 4 StarsWritten by: Keri ArthurPrint Length: 383 pagesPage Numbers Source ISBN: 0451477901Publication Date: July 5, 2016Sold by: Penguin Group (USA) LLCGenre: Urban FantasyBarnes & Noble | Amazon | itunesReviewed For:

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-05-13 14:43

    Emberly and Jackson are still desperately struggling to find some answer to the Red Vampire Plague. Unfortunately, the notes that may have the cure are nowhere to be found and many factions are gathering around to use them, threaten them or worseAnd her big secret is out – far too many people know she’s a phoenix, and have magic to counter her fire.I love the whole concept of the phoenixes in this series. I love their fire, how their immortality is presented, the awareness of their age and their require companionship. I like the tragedy of them which their cursed romantic existence brings – because it isn’t overwrought and ridiculousI even like the relationship between Emberly and Jackson. I like how neither side expects it to last forever between them (though I rather think we are moving towards monogamy despite everyone saying it’s not in Jackson’s nature and Emberly has already had a her one true love) and that isn’t a great source of angst. I also like how they have their priorities in order – yes they like each other. Yes they want to have sex. A lot. No they’re not doing it now, they’re tired. No they’re not doing it now, they’re busy. No they’re not doing it now, they have other things to doIt seems ridiculous to praise this – but this is a genre where I have repeatedly seen characters put everything on hold, everything paused because they simply have to hump right now. Books where characters will pause mid-escape to have sex, where they will literally stop in front of their enemies and argue over their relationship.The relationship is good. The world building is excellent. The general pacing of the story is excellent, in terms of actual writing if not focus. I generally find her an intriguing characterI do have some frustrations. Firstly, I spent a lot of the book wondering exactly what the hell was happening, what they were doing and why. It could be that it has just been a very long time since I read the last books or it could be because there’s just sooooo many players involved. And this doesn’t get better now we’ve introduced another vampire faction and the werewolvesWhich means we now have:1) The Werewolves2) The wererats3) PIT (the police kinda)4) Syndicati Vampires5) New Vampire blokey6) Angry former members of a vampire faction7) The hive mind plague-end-of-the-world-scary vampiresThat’s a lot of focus. So many factions. So many people to juggle. So many distractions. We get lost and a lot of this doesn’t seem relevant.Read More

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-04-19 16:37

    Third in the Souls of Fire urban fantasy series revolving around a phoenix couple and her lover in Melbourne, Australia.My TakeKidnappings, ambush, lies, betrayals, blackmail by the cops, murders, and a heart-rending ending will keep you racing through the pages, for Arthur has concocted a nasty collection of bad guys with a horrible fate lying in wait in the form of that plague. As if that’s not enough, she’s holding a prophecy of even worse to come over us, er, I mean, over Em and her friends.And still, there is a sense of fun in the Souls of Fire series. Arthur keeps jolting us back and forth between the joy and the horror using first-person protagonist point-of-view from Em’s perspective.The major antagonist has some major power (for ill) and being Sam’s brother makes it all more poignant. It’s funny, but all things considered, Em and Rory are probably the least complicated of the major characters, at least when you compare them to Jackson and his life and network as well as Sam and the issues he’s facing.Arthur certainly weaves a lot in. I have to laugh at how Radcliffe’s ex-wife takes advantage…and it serves him right. Not at all funny are the various sindicati (and others) who are after Em and those virus research notes. And we thought human politics were bad.Arthur has introduced an interesting twist with one den of vampires and then another even nastier one from the supposed Prof. Heaton.The StoryBeset on all sides, Emberly and her fire-enhanced fae lover, Jackson, are on the run from PIT, the vampires, the Red Cloaks, witches, and more as they struggle to find the leader of the Red Cloaks, find the research notes, and keep those witches from giving up their notes on anti-phoenix spells!It's been Em's powers that have kept the bad guys at bay. Without them…The CharactersEmberly Pearson and Rory Pearson are a phoenix pair. Fated to be together as long as there is a chance. As long as there is heat and flame, there is life — or the possibility of life in rebirth for a phoenix.Hellfire Investigations is……a private detective agency run by Jackson Miller, a dark fire fae who is also Em's lover. (Emberly has become a partner in Hellfire.) Some of Jackson’s past lovers and/or friends include Shona who works for a security company and Adán, a fire fae, and Dmitri, an earth fae, who have helped out before.PIT is……the Paranormal Investigations Team, a specialist squad of humans and supernaturals who investigate paranormal crimes. And they aren’t required to follow the law. Chief Inspector Henrietta Richmond is the head.Detective Sam Turner had been Emberly’s lover until he learned the truth. He has his own truth, for he is also infected. Rochelle, also infected, is Sam’s partner, lover, and a fae. Agents include Brad Harvey.Babaylan "Lan" is a blind Filipino shaman who provided a warning as well as information on how to kill an Aswang. Mike is a street kid who became friends with Rory and is a highly successful black marketeer. The Journeyman is the hostel where Emberly, Jackson, and Rory are hiding out. Frank is a guard at Rosen’s apartment building.The witchesGrace Harkwell is a powerful one. Her coven sisters include Angie, Meredith, Rennie, and Neriana. And some are missing The shifters in Melbourne include……werewolves led by Scott Baker and wererats led by Marcus Radcliffe. Mary Johnson is Radcliffe’s pissed-off ex. Theodore Hunt is a bully-for-hire and a werewolf with a major grudge against Em.Rosen Pharmaceuticals is……led by the overextended Denny Rosen, who had hired Jackson.Sindicati is……a collective term for vampire mobster factions while a den is a group of vampires. The Australian Vampire Council is the ruling body. Anthony De Luca was the leader of the modern-view vampires. He's had sole control over Mark Baltimore and Professor Wilson. Amanda Wilson was Professor Wilson’s wife and a telepath for hire. Frank Parella leads another group. Professor Reginald Heaton knows entirely too much. I don’t know if Joseph Rinaldi is an alias or someone who works for Heaton.The Red Cloaks are……vampires infected by the Crimson Death, the plague-like virus spawned from a failed government experiment. Luke, Sam’s brother, is their leader. Frederick is the witch in Luke’s employ.The Cover and TitleThe cover is a blend of oranges and greens. It’s Emberly, her body in profile on the left with her eyes looking back over her shoulder, her red curly hair waving in the breeze of its flames. She’s wearing a brown tank top and her forearm and torso are also roiling in orange flames. A green-cast wrought iron fence is immediately behind her, protecting her from the drop off to the night-lit city of Melbourne below her.The title is true, for there is a Flameout, one that will leave you in tears.

  • ♆ BookAddictâś’ La Crimson Femme
    2019-05-08 21:17

    Emberly is back and she is not going to let anyone push her around. Book three in this dark, gritty series, Ms. Arthur does not hold back. It is one punch after another to bring Emberly to her knees. This story must be read after the first two. This is not a standalone story.The book immediately dives into where the last one left off. Emberly is still working with Jackson to find the notes to cure the virus. Unfortunately for them, there are several different parties all trying to get Emberly to turn over any information they find. This story is fast pace yet slow at the same time. How is this possible? Emberly keeps adding on new enemies and not so friendly alliances whilst striking out in finding information she needs. It feels as if we are going nowhere fast. When the pieces are starting to fit together and Emberly is making headway, more conflict and obstacles arise. All of this is exhausting for both Emberly and Jackson and as the reader learns, fire needs to be fed.The erotic aspects of this story are hot, literally. Fire is all consuming and necessary for Emberly to survive. The chemistry between Jackson and Emberly is sadly lacking. This is because their primary goal is to feed each other. The strained relationship between Emberly and Sam is more interesting. It is clear Emberly never wanted him to go just as it is clear, Sam regrets letting her go. Still, Sam can't get over his pride and constantly makes Emberly suffer. I still am not a fan of Sam, the self-righteous prig. When it seems that all is solved and every thread is being tied off, one of the worst scenarios occurs. This caught me off guard even though it should not have. It is a Ms. Arthur story and I should expect having my heart hammered by a brutal blow. There are no happily ever afters for her characters. Her stories reflect the realities of life. It will be interesting to see what happens next because a woman out for blood is dangerous. A phoenix out for vengeance is lethal. Recommended for urban fantasy readers who enjoy dark, gritty fast paced stories with characters of questionable morals. *provided by NetGalley

  • Melliane
    2019-04-26 20:43

    Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI enjoyed the first two volumes of the series and it’s true that I was eager to discover this third book to learn more about our dear Phoenix! Indeed, Keri Arthur is an author that I like and few of her books have disappointed me so far. Yet it is true that I have struggled with this story …We find, as usual, our dear Emberly, her brother Sam and Jackson and we are once again embarked on a new adventure in search of documents that everyone desire. Although I was carried away every time by the other books, I admit that I had a great difficulty in adhering to the story and even sometimes reluctant to continue. Yet all was not like that and I still had a good time regarding the novel. It was nice to find these characters to see how they lived and what they were willing to do. Our heroes will face a race against time, many parties trying to blackmail them to retrieve the information they could or would hold. The general idea is quite interesting to follow and certain events draw our attention but it’s true that nothing is really surprising or unexpected. I do not know, something was missing and I had it in the previous volumes. This time the story left me with a pretty empty feeling… It’s not that it’s not good for me but it was not up to the others. This will not prevent me from reading the others but I think that it was not a novel for me.Finally a novel that will not necessarily leave a great memory, I’m not sure if it’s really necessary to read it to understand the full story, but it’s still interesting to find the characters.

  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    2019-05-06 22:31

    I'm calling this a DNF at 30%. There is nothing in the story that is grabbing my attention; and I'm already heartily tired of all the characters sex lives/need for sex hashed and rehashed. Everyone in Arthur's world(s) really likes sex or has to have sex with a lot of people to survive. Okay, I get it. Every KA series is the same formula. Sex and more sex; whoever, whenever, wherever. Virtually every character is a slut. Is this just Arthur's particular mindset, or are all Australians this horny all the time?I may pick this back up later if enough reviews show that I'm missing something special story-wise; but based on the somewhat less-than-stellar reviews of the first two books, I rather doubt that is going to happen.

  • Melinda
    2019-04-29 18:28

    This series keeps getting better and better. Maybe it's because the world building and characters have been given a chance to grow and we've gotten to know them? Anyway- another good book by Keri Arthur.

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-14 20:42

    Finished the book but honestly couldn't care less about the characters or where the story is going. Too formulaic for my taste.

  • Christina
    2019-05-05 18:23

    Flameout is the third book in the Souls of Fire series and it's just as fast-paced and high impact as the first two books. My love for Keri Arthur's work just keeps growing.Flameout follows Emberly, a Phoenix living with her fated mate in Melbourne, as she falls further down the psychotic rabbit hole of Melbourne's changing status quo. PIT's manpower is spread thin between struggling to control the outbreak of a lab-born virus turning humans and supernaturals alike into pseudo-vampires and tracking the divisions and developments within the rat pack and vampire factions of Melbourne.Emberly and her fire-fae partner, Jackson, are presented with a choice, work alongside PIT as consultants or back off their search for the cure. With a growing sense of foreboding and the attempts on her life stacking up, Emberly has no choice but to accept the badge but will she be able to hand it back when all is said and done? She's not so certain. I'm of the opinion that Keri Arthur's novel style is progressively improving. This series, as well as her Lizzie Grace series, have focused on very realistic character behaviours (despite their supernatural nature). Emberly and Jackson are sensible and logical throughout, analysing their every move and do not get lost in the lust of the moment, unlike some other series I've read from other authors in this genre. They also openly admit their weaknesses and work within those parameters to survive which, for me, creates strong three-dimensional characters.With every Keri Arthur novel, I find myself enjoying her habit of throwing the worst possible problems at her protagonists at exactly the wrong moment. Flameout was no different and it only served in strengthing Emberly and cementing our understanding of her character.Every single scene in this book is placed strategically and focused on the goal of the novel. There is no deviation from the plotlines which drive the story forward. Throughout all three of the books so far, that quality has been key in building up the pace and developing the mystery behind the virus, taking the reader along for a thrilling ride.This series constantly moves me in some way and this book was no different. Emberly's foreboding was palpable throughout but I did feel her anger was every so slightly restrained in the writing in the end, even as everything around her went up in flames.The world building is exquisitely detailed as ever with Keri Arthur and I love how each book (no matter the series) pieces together parts of the puzzle. The only comment I have to make about this world, however, is that there are far too many interested parties. I struggled at points to keep up and, frankly, I stopped trying to line them up and just focused on Emberly's survival.I have so many questions from this book that I hope will be answered in the next book, Ashes Reborn. For example, the ending suggests another plotline will be replacing Luke in Ashes Reborn but then what's going to happen to the hive mind and what plans does PIT have for Emberly?I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to pick up the next.

  • Lacrymosa Quiñones
    2019-05-07 17:27

    The third book in the souls of fire series, and oh. me. Gawd. the book was amazing. Intense from the first page to the very end where I cried sooooo much.With every book I love Emberly more and more. The way she fiercely loves and is devoted to the men in her life (for different reasons of course) to the things she does to keep them safe.This book though will rip you apart at the end. It is a roller coaster of emotions, I cannot wait to read the fourth book!

  • Samantha Castillo
    2019-05-11 20:30

    Amazing!Spoiler Alert Well that was an ending I didn't think would happen. Someone Em loves died and the world for a moment burned. It's not always a bad thing but a it's not always pleasant. I'm glad I waited to finish the book till the next was already out so I can now jump right into a world filled with action, mystery and some romance!!

  • Kris
    2019-05-17 18:23

    For the love of all things. Please use grammar check. Please use an editor. The number of missing words (some of which changed the entire meaning of the sentence), the wrong forms of words (-ing instead of -ed), doubled words, words in the wrong order...very very distracting. The story got 4 stars but the editing brought it down. It was a problem in the other two books but really worse this one.

  • TinaMarie
    2019-04-22 20:43

    Sam, Jackson and Emberly are all trying to track down the missing research notes and find Luke the head of the Red Cloaks while dodging murder attempts. There are some editing issues but overall a decent read. Lots of tension and conflict as several different forces pull at Em and Jackson.

  • Carly
    2019-05-13 20:20

    This series gets better with every book, the characters I can't get enough of but there is always something more you want out of Emberly and Sam. Or maybe I'm just a romantic and want these two together. This is still the only pheonix series to date for me and it will be a hard one to beat.

  • Glenna Jones
    2019-05-07 20:37

    Very suspenseful....Ca't believe I have to wait all the way until Sept for the last book in the series.What is happening to Jackson?Will Sam relent?Who blew Luke's brains out?All good questions.

  • Lisa Norvell
    2019-04-26 16:35

    HookedI love Keri Arthur's writing style. The characters are well developed and so is the world they inhabit. Will read all of this series that's available and lust for more!

  • Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book
    2019-04-29 20:31

    WHAT AN ENDING!I think I cried out...This book was high octane action from start to finish. And that ending...YIKESI’m diving right into bk 4. Keri Arthur writes kick ass female leads like no other.

  • Sarah Lachance
    2019-05-01 19:32

    Great series, was slow for a while. Ended with a big bang in Keri Arthur style. Always enjoy reading her books. Hoping the 4th installment is good.

  • Gowri
    2019-04-22 18:43

    Oh fire!!!!

  • Lawrence
    2019-04-23 16:38


  • Delia
    2019-05-06 17:27

    Great boo, and good series, now waiting for the next book to arrive.

  • Tonya Johansson
    2019-05-05 17:22

    I really don't think enough people know about this series. It is not same ol' same ol'. They have plot romance action. And they are not just about the relationship between two characters.

  • Barbara
    2019-04-27 15:17

    Emberly and her partner, Jackson, a fire fae, are still searching for the missing papers of scientists researching the virus that causes humans to become vampire-like and crazy. After an ambush in a cemetery, the investigation leads to some missing witches, and if they fall into the enemy's hands, their spells could be used against Emberly. There is a lot to be done, find the witches and the missing papers, stop their nemesis, the leader of the Red Cloaks, and make sure they all come out of the final confrontation in one piece. Easier said than done. I love the setting, the great characters and of course all of the action - the fight scenes as well as the love scenes. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, where we’ll learn what happens next with our determined phoenix, her phoenix partner Rory, ex-lover Sam, and work partner Jackson.

  • Jessica (a GREAT read)
    2019-04-25 17:29

    Keri Arthur’s Flameout is one hot and explosive read, no puns intended! LOL! Or not! But seriously, when it comes to having a phoenix heroine, is hard to avoid the fire puns! Anyway, Flameout is the latest installment in her Souls of Fire series and things really heat up in all sorts of ways! Emberly is about to face one epic blowout!To start with, this is a series and it should be read in order, because it’s one long streaming plot we’re focused on with a virus that could infect all of society and basically start an Armageddon in some ways. So spoilers from previous books are likely to happen here.Emberly and Jackson are our main characters here for the most part, Sam, her old lover, still makes an occasional appearance, but since he’s be infected, he’s mostly out of the picture in quarantine, though he still pops up every now and then. There are so many players in this game, that sometimes it got a little hard to keep everyone straight. You have your bad guys, your bad buys who aren’t so bad, and the bad guys who are a pain in the you-know-what! So basically, a lot of people you can’t trust. Which makes things even more difficult for Emberly.It wasn’t enough that she has to find Luke, who happens to be Sam’s brother, who’s sort of our main bad guy and the one who controls the red coats—the people infected with the Crimson Death and are a sort of mad, crazy vampire type—and also added to her plate is to find three missing witches. All while still trying to find the elusive notes the good doctor wrote about the virus and which hopefully contains the formula to a possible cure. Easy peasy, right?What you basically have here is one kickbutt, action-packed thrill ride that once again just makes me love the Urban Fantasy genre so much! Add in some smexy romance and you have the makings of one great read!! The characters are all incredibly awesome! Emberly is the kind of Urban Fantasy heroine I enjoy, tough, strong, has a bit of an attitude, but also not without feelings. Then we have Jackson, a dark fae who’s all snarks and laughs with his own dark edge. There was always so much tension between these two. I can never decide if I want them to be together or still hold out hope for Sam to come back around into Emberly’s life. It’s definitely a pickle, but really, it’s hard not to like Jackson!While my poorly abused memory can’t always remember every book I read, I was still able to follow along rather well with this one. We have the same goal that’s been around for the past two books, so that was a help! Though, as always, new things are being added into the mix that just makes Emberly’s to-do list that much longer.The ending was definitely a jaw dropper! There was an amazing action pack battle scene happening and there was SO much happening within that! And then just when you think things are over…BAM! A whopper of a cliffhanger! One that leaves you both shocked and emotional! But just remember to think things over. You get the hint too, so there’s that! And I’m cutting myself off from that point before I head into spoiler territory! Let’s just say that the next book will be AMAZING!! Of course, this is Keri Arthur, so I usually expect nothing short of amazing from her!Keri Arthur brings us yet another amazing Urban Fantasy read that has everything from action to romance bound within its pages! Flameout is not a read to be missed by the paranormal fans, so be sure to check this series out! And remember, start at the beginning with Fireborn! ;)Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars—again, a minor takeoff because I couldn’t quite remember what had happened beforehand, but that’s just more a me thing! Had I better memory, this would sooo be a 5 star read!

  • Krissys
    2019-05-20 17:43

    Emberly and her red hot partner, Jackson, have hit an impasse in their battle against the crazed humans infected by a plague-like virus derived from vampire blood. Their quest to unearth the leader of the group leads them into an ambush—and leaves Emberly at odds with her former lover, Sam, who’s pressuring her to join his Paranormal Investigations Team.To make matters worse, three local witches have been kidnapped—and if their spells fall into the wrong hands, Emberly’s powers could end up smothered. With time ticking until the virus consumes the world, Emberly and Jackson must race to save the witches, find a cure, and smoke out their nemesis—or go down in a blaze of glory.My Review:Flameout was a book I requested without doing my research first simply because it sounded fantastic and I loved the cover.Unfortunately I didn't realize it was the third installment of an already on going series that picks up directly where the last book left off. The biggest problem I had was trying to follow along with the on going plot and character drama because unless you've read the previous book there is a giant black hole where all the background history belongs.That being said I'm intrigued by what I read however being lost through the entire thing I mostly enjoyed the repeated pornographic sex scenes which seemed to dominate the book more than the actual plot did so if you're up for rubbing one out mid page pause feel free because its hot enough to get not just our cast off but the reader as well.The rest while interesting was mostly disjointed because there isn't much explanation for any current issues between cast mates and or the beaucoup bad guys however what I have read has hooked me enough that I'm interested enough to back track to the previous books to find out what's going on.My Rating:Reviewed By:Krissys Bookshelf Reviews BooklikesGoodreadsTwitterGoogle PlusBloggerPinterestAmazonDisclaimer:Krissys Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.Source:Received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley via Berkley PublishingNote:If any of Krissys Bookshelf Reviews has been helpful please stop by to like or let me know what you think! Thank you!

  • Kt
    2019-04-22 21:17

    Review originally posted on my blog: A Book ObsessionThe best thing by far about this series continues to be Emberly's character and FLAMEOUT was no exception. I just simply love how she's so fierce and determined, never wavering from her cause. She's willing to sacrifice anything and everything for others at all times, and more often than not this selfless nature comes at a great cost to her. She's come so close to death more times than I can count, and her injury and scar count are countless. All this is more than admirable, and draws me to her. But what really makes me continually fall in love with her character is that despite all that strength, she's so vulnerable as well. It would have been so easy after everything she's been through and all the so many lifetimes she's endured with heartbreak for it all to have made her bitter. And yet she's not, and so selfless, and I love her for it. All this was only further proved in FLAMEOUT as other people she cared about, even if only peripherally were held over her head as blackmail, and not even for one second does she think of faltering. As I said, it makes her vulnerable, yet so strong at the same time.The romance continues to be messy, messy, messy in this series. Of course what else could it be when phoenixes are cursed to always have heartbreak in their lives. They fall in love once per lifetime and it's always destined to end badly. That being said, since this lifetime's love, Sam isn't completely out of the picture, but acts like he hates her instead, well it makes things a bit dicey. Emberly has found comfort, but not love of course, in the arms of a fire fae named Jackson, but there were hints in this book that it won't be long term. I'm glad she's found a bit of peace, but you can still feel that insane tension between her and Sam. If you had asked me previously if there was a chance for them, I probably would have said no. However, they just keep getting thrust back towards each other and when it all boils down to it, despite his anger, Sam keeps protecting her and risking his life for hers. So I'm holding out hope that they can break the vicious phoenix heartbreak cycle and find a way to overcome their past.As far as the plot on this one, it's funny, it felt like both a lot and yet not a whole lot actually happened. While reading, I felt everything moved at a very steady pace, and I felt fully engrossed. However after finishing the book I realized that aside from the last few chapters, nothing major actually happened. It was a bunch of investigating and more posturing and threats that build up to the ending events. That being said, considering I didn't realize the lack of real overall plot momentum until I sat down to write this review, I don't think it's a problem at all. In the moment of reading, I was fully engaged, and in the end that's all I ask for.FIREBRAND is another strong installment in the Souls of Fire series that I thoroughly enjoyed. Keri Arthur truly is a powerhouse in the genre and I've yet to read a book of her's that I haven't loved, and FIREBRAND is no exception. Fans of the series, and Keri's works will be more than pleased.

  • Elizabeth Fitzgerald
    2019-04-20 15:34

    Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This review contains spoilers for previous volumes/books.After my disappointment with the previous book, I'd hoped Flameout would live up to some of the promise of the series. Unfortunately, it proved to be an action-packed book in which almost nothing happens.As with Wicked Embers, Flameout is very plot-driven. The vampire battle that ended the last book brought news of new factions within the vampire ranks, and most of them are unhappy with Emberly. Rogue elements of Melbourne's resident werewolf pack also have it in for her after some altercations, and the head of the pack is unwilling to step in. And then there's the head of the Red Cloaks who has taken a very personal interest in her. Between trying to dodge people who have it out for her, Emberly and Jackson are still in search of the missing research notes stolen from her previous employer. Their efforts have displeased the Paranormal Investigations Team, who have decided that the best thing to do about it is to force her to join them by whatever means necessary.In case all these elements weren't enough, Melbourne's magic community also gets introduced when a powerful local witch contacts Emberly about seeking out some missing coven members. Once again, I found world-building to be a strength of the series and the addition of this community brings something new and interesting to the story. I was particularly interested in the way the human witch's relationship with Mother Earth differed from Emberly's. I also enjoyed seeing a new form of magic at work.The story foreshadows larger plots at work. While I found this interesting, it undermined any sense of resolution. The ending was suitably flashy and cinematic, but didn't ultimately change the status quo.The relationships also remained stagnant. I continue to appreciate the distinct differences between Emberly's polyamorous relationships and the marked lack of resentment between Emberly's life mate Rory and her new flame Jackson. I certainly don't want to see Emberly be forced into the tired trope of picking One True Love. However, it would be nice to see the relationships grow in some way.Although I was entertained by Flameout, I was ultimately disappointed and will be thinking hard about whether I wish to continue reading the series.This review first appeared on Earl Grey Editing.

  • Katie
    2019-05-20 15:47

    I truly did enjoy this novel immensely. It just has a certain flare to it that has caught my eye. Of course this could be because of the fact that this is a novel based on phoenixes. A novel that I can't see being written by anyone else but Keri Arthur. It has a uniqueness that can't just be written by anyone in general. Which of course is why this novel, and this series, is just so good.Ever since Emberly found out who the leader of the red cloaks is she's been a wreck. Mostly because of the simple fact that it Sam's older brother. The same brother that Sam thought he killed a year before. So just to be sure that it is indeed his brother, Sam makes the decision to dig up his grave. And since its Emberly that he's been focused on she decides to be there as well. Only the whole thing is a trap. Luke knows that Sam and Emberly would have to see it themselves, so he hatched a plan. Luke now has a powerful witch on his side and this witch has found a way to bind Emberly's powers. Putting Emberly in a very dangerous situation. Because Emberly gets her fire from the Mother and the Mother's fire burns hotter than any other fire. Meaning that the spell that the witch wove can only work for a little while. Emberly can still reach her fire, it just takes a whole lot more effort to do it now. Which can also put her in danger with the Mother's power as well. The longer that Emberly draws on her power the greater the chance that she could meld with her forever. A fate that Emberly wants to avoid at all cost if she can. However, it's a fate that she may soon get well acquainted with, because with her fire being bound she is getting closer to the Mother then she's ever wanted to be. And with Luke's witch still on the loose Emberly is still in a whole lot of danger.This novel would be considered an adult urban fantasy novel with a hint of romance in it. It's a novel full of different types of characters, with different types of characteristics. Because each one has something unique and special about them. One being that this novel is about phoenixes, which is an aspect that most authors don't use. It's one that is positively unique to this series and it was written beautifully. It's compelling, exciting, and has a kick-ass heroine that many women would love to be. Making this novel a force to be reckoned with. So as far as my recommendation goes it's a good one. Because this novel is a definite must-read for this series. And if you haven't even read this series yet I suggest you pick it up, it definitely won't disappoint you.*Read on December 24th, 2016

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    2019-05-16 17:17

    This book is the third in the Souls of Fire series. If you had not read a previous book in this series the Author does a good job of catching you up in the beginning. This is an urban fantasy that is set in Melbourne and it is still under the threat of the Crimson Death Virus also known as the red plague. The long and short of it is that the virus would take you from being human to something other than human.Emberly Pearson, a phoenix, and Jackson Miller, a fire fae, are teamed up as private investigators that are seeking the missing research notes that are hopefully a cure for the red plague. Unfortunately for them there are many factions that are also seeking the notes for their own means.The main players in this book are the Sindicati- a vampire equivalent of the mafia, the Red Cloaks- think crazy zombies under the control of a leader, the Werewolf pack – led by Scott Baker, and Rinaldo formerly known as Dr. Reginald Heaton and he trying to take over…well everything. As always there is involvement from PIT, Paranormal Investigations Team, the clandestine police force that challenges the other than human players.The central theme to this book is the same as the previous two. There is still the plague, everyone is out to get the Emberly, there is still the possibility of a cure or vaccination that will make the red plague go buh-buy. Oh, and Emberly likes to have sex with no nod at all to romance and Sam is still her one and only because a Phoenix’s heart is fated to find love only once in a lifetime. Too bad he is so off putting and miserable to be around, oh and that he still dislikes her immensely.I do like the investigation part of this book. I like how Jackson’s character is written a lot. Emberly, for a girl who has lived several lifetimes you would think that she would be a hardcore female that knows how to get what she wants. She just seems to keep following Jackson around without really contributing. Great that this book is written in first person so we are getting her inner monologue so we know that she is aware and competent but I guess I really wanted her in charge and calling the shots instead of being Robin to Batman.*Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group & NetGalley for this ARC of Flameout*Find this review and more at The Genre Minx Book Reviews