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Norton is a wanderer, rejected by family and community, headed for the great city of Amaranth because he can think of nowhere else to go. He encounters a pretty slave boy struggling with a log too heavy to lift, and stops to help him. This earns him a welcome from the boy Kim’s nomad clan and an invitation to a funeral feast, for the log is destined for the pyre of Kim’s lNorton is a wanderer, rejected by family and community, headed for the great city of Amaranth because he can think of nowhere else to go. He encounters a pretty slave boy struggling with a log too heavy to lift, and stops to help him. This earns him a welcome from the boy Kim’s nomad clan and an invitation to a funeral feast, for the log is destined for the pyre of Kim’s late master. Kim is given to Norton in an act of casual generosity, and a night of passion bonds the two more strongly than a collar and chains--but Norton’s eyes are still on the far horizons, and leaving the clan will break his slave boy’s heart. There seems to be no answer that can leave them both happy. And then raiders from another clan steal Kim away......

Title : Wanderer's Heart
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Wanderer's Heart Reviews

  • K
    2019-04-26 05:22

    This novella sees Norton, a free man who has left his own very God-fearing Clan after they refused to accept his love for another man from the neighbouring valley, stumbling over a tribe of nomads on the day of one of their elders funeral. Kim is on of the dead man's three slaves, and like all his possessions he is to be given away when the dead man's goods are shared amongst the tribe.Norton has no intention of staying, he's happy to be alone making the long journey to Amaranth, bit as Kim's new owner he faces a tough choice as his slave doesn't want to leave.I like this series (where slaves cannot be freed and remain property no matter what they or their Masters feel for each other) a lot and this was a great fit with a good main and secondary characters.

  • Alex Akira
    2019-05-03 06:32

    I quite enjoyed this captivating addition to the ‘Tales of Amaranth’ series where a lone wanderer, Norton, encounters a young slave boy, Kim, and finds friendship, romance, and more. A beautifully woven tale, rich in nuance, top-notch world building and character development, and an exquisite love story. Exotic-Erotic, Sweet with Heat, & Magical = Winner!While this novella measures out to 70 pages, it is amazingly fulfilling. I found myself swept to the isolated camp of a nomadic tribe and sat fireside as they pay tribute to an elder tribesman's burial rites. I won’t reveal additional events of the story because the experience of its unfolding is a part of this book’s charm. I will say that both Norton and Kim are extraordinary characters and all of the tale’s supporting players are equally enjoyable in their various roles. The story is enchanting, highly original, eventful, and ripe with emotional strife, but it is the writing and word choice that brings this tale to the next level. In its entirety, the book is a sublime and tasty meal; each word and line carefully crafted organic seasonings. Its passages evokes succulent visual images, and I greedily stuffed myself on each magical reveal. Invigorated by the marvelous cacophony of beauty that infused the tale, I at times smiled, chuckled, and welled up at the “music” of two men, master and slave, longing for the impossible, and the redemption that followed. S-Sooo good!A final note - I often imagine Amaranth akin to a region like Cimmeria, of Robert E. Howard’s Conan tales… with towering mountain ranges, densely forested lands, windswept deserts, and lush, fertile valleys. Sporadically populated by tiny villages, cities, and towns, nomadic tribes wander the land hunting, trading, and the like. The peoples are divided into classes: freeman and slave.Freemen are called Master, and the series primarily devotes itself to the relationship between master and slave as they undergo mini-adventures. Sometimes, the exploits involve danger and magic and other times the tales spotlight simpler stories that reveal gorgeous details of the politically charged world of Amaranth, a land rife with possibility. Always there is the boy, the master, the electric charge of passion, and the dizzying climb to erotic, romantic love. But each story is distinct and serves as a sparkling facet of the gem that is the Amaranth series. I strongly recommend this story and the series to fantasy-lovers most especially, but also to all who love man-on-man love in exotic settings. Wondrous!Thank you, Thom Lane, for another splendid journey to Amaranth!NOTE: This book was provided by Loose Id for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • JenMcJ
    2019-05-18 06:22

    I do love this series and this short novella fits right in with a whole new look at the peoples of this world.. I like them better when they overlap with past characters, which this one does not but you can't have everything in the shorter books, sadly.This one had a bit more of a lenient bent toward the slaves and wasn't quite as sexy as those with the longer plot and more mystical themes but it's still so engaging that I gave it 5 stars.I wish Thom Lane wrote faster.

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2019-05-24 04:24

    Although this is the seventh book in a series, having read them all, I can say that you do not need to read the books in order to understand and enjoy this one. There are no characters from previous books in this one, and while the story is short, the world-building is well done and understandable for those who are new to Amaranth.Thom Lane crafts a great series. In this world, slavery is common. It is also common for men to be stolen into slavery for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is not the case in this story, however. What made this story stand out from the others was the addition of the nomadic tribes and their culture and customs. Norton is drawn into their world for helping Kim, a slave who has just lost his master. After he receives Kim as a gift in an intricate ceremony to disperse the property of the deceased man, it is apparent that Kim and Norton are attracted to each other. But with Norton wanting to reach Amaranth, and Kim having to leave everything he knows and loves behind to go with Norton, it leaves Norton wondering exactly what the right choice is. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Amaranth book without more at stake, and when Kim is kidnapped by another clan, Norton realizes just how much he cares about his slave.There are many new characters in this story for it being so short, but I loved it. Each character is written well and stands apart from the others. Norton and Kim, though technically the seventh couple the series focuses on, are written differently than all the others before them. I truly enjoyed seeing their love for each other blossom.Also interesting was the culture of the nomads. The ceremony for the dead was fascinating to read because each person says something about the man who has died, chooses one of his possessions, and gifts it to someone else in the clan, usually with a witty comment. It was actually a beautiful thing to watch, even if readers only get to see a small part of it. It showed not only Lane’s world-building, but the depth of the characters as well.Fans of the Amaranth series will enjoy this seventh installment. I know I did! I had feared the series was over with the sixth, but I was glad to have another. New readers will be drawn to this world. I will warn that it does depict slavery and some BDSM elements, though not as much as the other novels in the series.Thankfully, it appears there is at least one more book in the series! I cannot wait to read it!Reviewed by Jennifer for The Novel Approach

  • Andrea
    2019-05-11 07:19

    This was a nice little story but there was no magic and I missed that.