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Newly minted professor Evangeline “Van” Thompson’s academic dreams have turned into nightmares. She can’t wait to escape the pressure cooker of the university to spend the summer at Camp Firefly Falls with her bestie, Nate. Unfortunately, Nate breaks his leg halfway through the season, and his little sister Willa fills in for him as resident tennis instructor. Van has fondNewly minted professor Evangeline “Van” Thompson’s academic dreams have turned into nightmares. She can’t wait to escape the pressure cooker of the university to spend the summer at Camp Firefly Falls with her bestie, Nate. Unfortunately, Nate breaks his leg halfway through the season, and his little sister Willa fills in for him as resident tennis instructor. Van has fond memories of the blonde moppet, but when Willa shows up at camp, she’s not so little anymore. She’s grown into a bombshell and a menace on the tennis court—why do those skirts have to be so short, anyway? Willa Carter has had a crush on Van Thompson since the third grade but Van’s always been more interested in hanging out with Willa’s older brother. Not much seems to have changed—Van’s managing the camp’s web presence while Willa rocks her tennis whites. Camp will be closing in a few weeks, and Van’s barely spoken to Willa despite sharing a cabin. But when the two get thrown together to plan the last session of camp, s’mores might not be the only thing getting sticky and sweet before the season’s out…...

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in her court Reviews

  • Tara
    2019-05-03 15:09

    In Her Court was a happy surprise for me. It’s very reasonably priced, it’s adorable, and it’s truly one of the most fun books I read last year. This is the first lesbian romance that Tamsen Parker has released and I hope she writes many, many more!Full review:

  • Jackie
    2019-05-13 16:45

    See full review at supplied by author

  • Meags
    2019-05-22 14:12

    TL;DR: CUTE STORY FOR SOMEONE BUT NOT FOR ME***THE STORY:I feel really guilty about the fact that I could not force myself to finish this book. Especially since I've made it through some real train wrecks, and this one is not even that bad.The story is about Van, a newly minted college professor who hates her job, and Willa, current graduate student and tennis wunderkind, who used to hang out occasionally because Willa's older brother and Van are best friends, and have been for ages. Willa's brother is teaching tennis at this summer camp, and when he breaks his leg, his sister steps up to take his place.Willa's had a crush on Van forever, and Van is expecting a little twerpy kid, like the way that Willa used to be, but is gobsmacked to see that Willa is now all grown up and looking pretty good. Van is over-the-top on socially awkward, and Willa begins to think that Van not only isn't into her, but actually hates her. But no, they both really want to be together. Once they finally hook up, during a viewing of one of the movies in the original Star Wars trilogy, while dressed in cosplay (yes, you read correctly), Van feels horribly guilty and thinks that Willa's brother is going to kill her.And that's when I threw in the towel. TECHNICAL ELEMENTS:There's nothing specifically wrong with this book. I think the problem here is that this is not a good match for me. I don't really enjoy fluffy angst-free romance, and the conflict here is so non-existent, it's laughable. From the snippets we get about Willa and her brother, you can tell that the likely outcome is that everything will be fine once he finds out. Often times, when a book is lackluster and not holding my interest, the smutty portions will help me power through, but here, this romance just doesn't do anything for me. Perhaps it is because it is two women? Or maybe the characters themselves don't work for me. FINAL THOUGHTS:If you like geeky heroines, you will love this book. It's sweet, it takes place at a summer camp, and the writing is superb. It just wasn't for me.***FREE BOOK RECEIVED BY THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW

  • Briar's Reviews
    2019-04-30 14:56

    In Her Court by Tamsen Parker is a goofy, geeky read filled with Tamsen Parker is not one to stick to the same plot over and over in every read, and that's what makes this book so unique compared to the others. This time around, Tamsen has explored an F/F relation (or two females if you didn't understand the acronym). Two girls at a camp fulfill a beautiful romance, in short. These girls (Van and Willa) have character - one of them is getting a PhD, they are working at a tennis camp, and they aren't your typical character without flaws and full of perfection. They seem realistic in the setting of this story! That's a nice change from some of the F/F books I have read in the past - I like seeing characters who slowly build and get better throughout the story. There is some R-rated language (a few F bombs) so if you don't like any swears, beware! They aren't dropped for no reason, they fit within the story, but know this book isn't G rated. If you thought it was, you don't know Tamsen's writing very well... Personal opinion: I felt like Nate and his character could have not been in the story and it would have moved just as well. Yes, he's an introduction for both characters, but he didn't seem wildly important - at least not to me. I would have liked to see a more interesting story line with him (a non romantic subplot, or something). I felt like there was more potential hiding in there. That being said, it wasn't like he was supposed to be the main character of the story.This wasn't my favourite Tamsen Parker book (and by that I mean her super steamy romances), but it definitely ranks up in my favourite romances. I felt the introduction to the characters wasn't the best (we found out a bit to much to fast, in my opinion) but it was still fitting and made the story work. That's me being a picky Tamsen Parker/romance fan and nothing more. It doesn't hurt the story, I just feel like it wasn't Tamsen's best out of all of her books (I remember a time when she only had three books out...just she's all busy writing and forming a career ;D).I found this was definitely a step out of Tamsen's wild BDSM/crazy sexual books and more of a contemporary romance (as it says on Goodreads, which I noticed AFTER I read it - do your research first guys! Then you'll know what you're getting!). As a contemporary romance, it's fantastic! It's not the best romance in all of the world that I've ever read, but it's a worthy read. A very worthy read indeed! There is still some steamy sexy scenes, just not as crazy wild as her other novels. But it's still uber sexy and well written! And there is LOTS of it...Almost to much. At one point, there seems to be sex scenes in every single chapter! Side Notes: I love geeky references and Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller's Day Off was present in this novel. Bonus points for Tamsen!Overall, this book was great - it just wasn't my favourite Tamsen Parker book (but can they all really be my favourite? Let's be honest). This book is still a worthy read and I would suggest it to those looking for some steamy romances, but definitely pick up Tamsen's other books while you're at it. These books show how she can not only write crazy steamy BDSM, but lovely contemporary romances and some not so safe for work styled novels. Four out of five stars.Thank you Tamsen Parker for being amazing (as always!) and sending me a copy of this book!!

  • Trader (RedHotBlueReads)
    2019-05-13 18:10

    PhD candidate Willa is dealing with the disappointment of a canceled research trip when she's called to help our her brother Nate. Nate had a job as tennis coach at a summer camp when he ends up with a broken leg. He asks Willa to step in for him, and bonus, she can just take his bed.Nate is sharing a cabin with his best friend, Van. (Van is short for Evangeline. I must admit I tripped over this name every single time -- for some reason, my brain just didn't associate Van with a female, which I'll admit took a little out of the story for me.) Back to the story.Willa has always had a secret crush on Van. Van looks at Willa as her best friend's LITTLE sister, emphasis on younger. She immediately dreads this new arrangement. She's in for a shock when Willa shows up. Willa tries to connect with Van via their shared academic interests and Van just doesn't want anything to do with her. It all starts out a bit awkward and grows into a steamy f/f romance.There's the typical low-stakes drama that you might expect with the brother's younger sister trope, and there's some very cute, geeky cosplay and movie references and games. It's all a very steamy and sweet summer camp story.In Her Court is part of the Camp Firefly Falls series, a fictional sleep away camp for grownups set in the Berkshires and works well as a standalone.An ARC was provided for review.

  • Natalie
    2019-04-21 13:44

    Rating 3.5brother's best friend trope f/f yes! i liked Willa and Van together. Sexy times were steamy. Their internal conflict felt real to me. They were both clearly differently about the relationship and I'm glad that Willa realized in that end that she really jumped the gun on talking to her brother about her and Van before even speaking to Van! The entire time i was like giiirl no whut are you doing but of course no one's perfect. we get excited about possible new relationship and want to tell everyone that matters At times Van did annoy me with her assumptions about Willa, writing her off as just a blonde jock >.> and i was so thrilled at Willa called Van out on that. Did i mention the sexy times? cuz *fans self* Ir's also important to note that during sex they actually communicated? Van admitted not to fancying penetration, even though she might be willing to try sometime with Willa, and Willa accepted that, didnt make it an issue. I loved that! I was also happy that Willa's brother didnt act all you can't be with my sister for blah blah ridiculous reason but acknowledged his sis is an adult and can make her own choices, while warning Van about hurting his sis lol. But i loved that discussion there. I feel like i dont see it much with this trope and the brother usually flips out or something. So quick, fun, steamy, and oj geeky read! They had an 80s themed week at the camp and that was fun! The Ghostbusters tag game was pretty hilarious, especially with Willa get super competitive and carried away with sliming people lol .

  • Chasia Lloyd
    2019-05-05 11:07

    The brother's best friend trope is always fun in romance, but it's somehow even funner in f/f romance. Cave-enthusiast Willa has had the hots for her brother's geeky best friend for forever. Van's been annoyed with her best friend's little sister for forever... Until said little sister shows up to help at Camp Firefly Falls and Van realizes Willa grew up into a smoking hot babe.The book is very, very steamy with lots of geeky sex. We're talking cosplay sex, references to Star Wars and Ghostbusters, etc. It's all really fun to read.And I super loved Van and Willa as characters. Willa's so passionate about her career, and Van is struggling to find happiness in a career she no longer wants.I will admit I was a bit concerned with Van's initial assumption of Willa, that the bi Willa was coming to hang with the gay Van to get queer points or something. But that worrisome thinking dropped off fairly quickly.This was such a fun, escapist read. The book is a part of a series written by multiple authors, but In Her Court is definitely a stand-alone read!***e-ARC provided by the author***

  • Shelby
    2019-05-04 10:05

    I don't know where Tamsen Parker got a list of everything my "type" comprises--switchy, butchy sci-fi nerd with a mild hair-petting kink and a passion for good cosplay--but man, did she hit the nail on the head with this one. I love Van, and and I love how much she and Willa love each other. Additional props for positive bi rep from Willa!I love that there was all the personal history of the typical "my brother's best friend" trope here and none of the older-brother possessiveness. I like Nate enough to look into whether he's in other books in the series. Discussion of sex scenes under the cut.(view spoiler)[I found the emphasis on consent and individualized pleasure to be not only ideal but highly realistic. There's some gentle, switchy D/s here, but it includes discussion of boundaries and preferences that I really appreciated. The characters meshed well but still needed to talk about what each other liked, which is a very real (but still hot!) thing that doesn't often come up in the romances I've read. Additionally, there's a fun f/f version of the ubiquitous (at least among my circles) Han Solo/Princess Leia cosplay fantasy. Love it. (hide spoiler)]

  • Laura
    2019-04-24 16:53

    A super sweet summer romance~There are several things I absolutely adored about this book, not least being the explicit communication during intimate moments. Van and Willa do have issues communicating outside the bedroom and being on the same page, but I loved seeing them talk through their comforts and what gets them off.I also absolutely adored Van’s friendship with Nate and his relationship with Willa. There was so much obvious love between all three of them and it felt very Found Family with regards to Van and Nate.So much on-page geekery, and so many 80s references (which, being a product of the 90s, I didn’t always get) made this an absolutely fun read.The conflict near the end felt very organic and realistic with regards to the gaps in their communication.Content warnings: on page sex (including oral, fingering, use of vibrator/toys, outdoors), casual ableism?, scene where MC lashes out about her own insecurities, internal turmoil for MC re: telling best friend that she’s intimately involved with his sister.

  • Elena Johansen
    2019-05-21 13:14

    For someone who loves nearly everything she's read of Tamsen Parker, I was disappointed by this one. It's good, but it's not what I would have expected at all.Even if I'm glad to see more FF romance, which is thin on the ground, Van and Willa never convinced me their relationship was much more than lust. They were definitely both into each other physically, but their major emotional conflict--going into/being a part of academia--was so intense and personal compared to how well they actually knew each other that it felt grafted onto the story, rather than an organic part of it.

  • Adriana Martinez Figueroa
    2019-04-28 17:49

    The book was on the verge of becoming one of many I forget I’m even reading, but it was a nice way to start. I’m giving it 3.5-4stars? Idk. It bothered me how fast they were saying they love each other? Maybe it’s me and my cynicism. Otherwise it was cute and I liked that Van actually apologized thoroughly for being condescending towards Willa. It’s always irksome when characters just brush off certain grievances from someone else, so I’m glad it was discussed.

  • The_Book_Queen
    2019-05-18 14:45

    4 1/2 Stars!A cute, sexy read. I truly enjoyed these two nerdy girls falling for each other.~ * ~ * ~ * ~ I will be talking about the book on my next Whatcha Reading? podcast which is now up on TBQ's Book Palace.If you wish to look at some quotes/thoughts I highlighted, please check out my Twitter feed

  • Anne Crow
    2019-05-16 17:06

    Sweet, fun, easy. Liked all the geeking out over sci-fi and 80s movies, enjoyed both Van and Willa, both so smart and driven. Willa younger but more self-aware, Van wanting to change but not knowing how, and Nate as the anchor to both the story and to them both (and a good comic relief as well). And the writing itself light and easy and fun.

  • V
    2019-04-30 14:14

    This could have been a really fun book, but for me, it was very repetitive and I had to fight the urge to just skim the pages to finish. Van and Willa were interesting character, but the author never delved into Van's backstory which was only hinted at. The descriptions and dialog were very repetitive. For some people this will be a very fun read, but I just couldn't connect.

  • Tammy
    2019-05-06 13:51

    I really liked this f/f read. Van and Willa have great chemistry and the story held my interest throughout. This is a sweet read and not a whole lot of drama or suspense. Van and Willa are great characters, I liked their geeky side. A good read.

  • Roy Vestal
    2019-04-25 17:00

    Unexpected plotI was quite surprised that the writer included this story within this series. The story's two main characters are significantly different from those in prior books in this series.

  • Kirstie Ibrahim
    2019-05-14 10:54

    A quick "so so" read

  • Skye Kilaen
    2019-05-02 16:58

    I wanted this to be better. The setup was cute, and the characters were distinctive, but the emotions felt shallow in the end.

  • Eleanor (The Book Hammock)
    2019-05-11 18:12

    Evangeline (Van) and Nate are best friends and have been forever, and were excited to work together at a summer camp. Especially as for Van, it would be a much needed break from her boring academic career. But Nate broke his leg and now Willa, his little sister takes over his job as tennis coach in Camp Firefly Falls.Van has known Willa just as long as she does Nate, but Willa used to be the tagalong little sister. She’s known Willa always found her fascinating, but she (as I would’ve) always thought it’s as a kid adoration to teens. She definitely isn’t looking forward to having Willa pestering her.What Van doesn’t expect, is a stunning, smart and fun young woman to be her cabin mate for the next few weeks. So what she does, naturally, is turn cold and aloof. She needs to keep her distance – she can’t be involved with her best friend’s little sister. Monosylabilic answers it is, then. #frustratingforWillaParker cleverly puts the two in charge of a project which forces more interaction, and then things pick up, but also get more complicated. Mostly in Van’s head.Annoyingly, I think I somehow relate more to Van than I do to Willa. She’s determined, she faces situations because she’s made a commitment, even when she knows spending a lifetime on something that makes you miserable is what will happen, just because of others’ expectations. She’s also judging herself and her actions very harshly.Willa is more fun! She follows her passion, enjoys life and isn’t so scared of stepping out of her comfort zone. I loved her spirit.The story is probably the smuttiest F/F I’ve read. If that’s what you’re looking for – it’s there for you. However it’s a lot more; fun, interesting dynamic relationship between two smart and accomplished women is the element keeps the plot plowing forward.Take into consideration this is book #18 in the Camp Firefly Falls series. However, as opposed to other series (even when they tell you the books are standalone and you get annoyed like me when there are other characters with backgrounds and stuff?) this one really can be read as a standalone. Nothing was missing for me. I guess it’s because each book in the series is written by a different author.