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Danger stalks Lucas Davenport at work and all too close to home, in the superlative new thriller by the #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author. For twenty years, John Sandford's novels have been beloved for their "ingenious plots, vivid characters, crisp dialogue and endless surprises" ("The Washington Post"), and nowhere are those more in evidence than in the sudden twisDanger stalks Lucas Davenport at work and all too close to home, in the superlative new thriller by the #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author. For twenty years, John Sandford's novels have been beloved for their "ingenious plots, vivid characters, crisp dialogue and endless surprises" ("The Washington Post"), and nowhere are those more in evidence than in the sudden twists and shocks of "Wicked Prey." The Republicans are coming to St. Paul for their convention. Throwing a big party is supposed to be fun, but crashing the party are a few hard cases the police would rather stayed away. Chief among them is a crew of professional stickup men who've spotted several lucrative opportunities, ranging from political moneymen with briefcases full of cash to that armored-car warehouse with the weakness in its security system. All that's headache enough for Lucas Davenport-but what's about to hit him is even worse. A while back, a stray bullet put a pimp and petty thief named Randy Whitcomb in a wheelchair, and, ever since, the man has been nursing his grudge into a full head of psychotic steam. He blames Davenport for the bullet, but it's no fun just shooting him. That wouldn't be painful enough. Not when Davenport has a pretty fourteen-year-old adopted daughter that Whitcomb can target instead. . . . And then there's the young man with the .50 caliber sniper rifle and the right- wing-crazy background, roaming through a city filled with the most powerful politicians on earth. . . . Rich with his brilliant trademark suspense and some of the best characters in suspense fiction, "Wicked Prey" is further proof that "Sandford is one of the most consistently entertaining crime writers working today" ("Booklist")....

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Wicked Prey Reviews

  • Kemper
    2019-05-14 05:01

    Lucas Davenport, the Minnesota state cop featured in 19 John Sandford novels, has his hands full this time. The Republican National Covention in is in Minneapolis to nominate John McCain for the presidency so the police are stretched thin. Lucas is dealing with reports of a right wing radical test-firing a sniper rifle in the area, a professional robbery crew with a history of killing cops has come to town to steal the illicit slush funds that come with political events, an old enemy has targeted Davenport's family for revenge, and his adopted daughter has decided to deal with that threat herself.This is another great Sandford thriller, and there isn't much to add past that description without spoiling anything. If you've read him, you know what you're getting, and if you haven't, you should give him a try if you like these types of books. I'm sometimes puzzled at how much I like Sandford. On the surface, it seems like he's just another mystery hack with a couple of books hitting the NYT bestseller list on schedule every year. But his books, which are so plainly written as to almost be screenplays, have tightly constructed plots and a great page-turning vibe to them. When things get rolling you simply have to see what happens next.One reason I'm such a fan is the Davenport character himself. Lucas started 20 years ago as what would now be almost a stereotypical modern fictional detective. He was smart, tough and rich due to his development of role playing games (later computer games) and cruised Minneapolis in his Porsche. This could have been like a bad character from an '80s TV show, but Sandford saved it by giving Davenport a dark, ruthless, manipulative side that has the character sometimes using people in dangerous ways to get his man. Plus, he's never been above pulling some kind of illegal act, including murder.What also makes Davenport interesting is that Sandford has allowed him to age and grow. Lucas started as a playboy bachelor who sometimes flirted with a crushing clinical depression. Over the years, he has taken new law enforcement jobs, gotten married, had children, and gotten more involved in the political side of the job. So unlike other characters from long running series who remain static (Like Robert B. Parker's Spenser did in his later books.) Davenport continues to seem fresh. I'm always glad to pick up a new book, aside from the story, just to check in and see what's going on in Lucas's life. Next: Lucas tries to protect his wife from a biker gang in Storm Prey.

  • James Thane
    2019-05-08 13:24

    It's the summer of 2008, and the Republicans have selected Minneapolis as the host city of the convention where they will nominate John McCain for the presidency. Inevitably, the convention will bring to the Twin Cities, in addition to all the politicians, a gaggle of protestors, potential assassins and terrorists, street people, con artists, grifters and other assorted crooks. The cops will have their hands full, as will Lucas Davenport's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.Slipping into town amidst the lesser criminal talents is a high-powered gang of robbers headed by Rosie Cruz and Brutus Cohn. They have several targets mapped out, including a number of political operatives who will be sitting in their luxury hotel rooms with suitcases full of cash--in each case, over a million bucks. This is dirty money that will be passed out in blocks of untraceable cash to be used for paying street expenses during the campaign. The men with the money are sitting ducks and the best part is that, once the crew has ripped them off, they can't even report the crime because what they're doing is illegal.Davenport, though, is alerted to the presence of the crew in town and begins the process of trying to track them down. But it won't be easy, especially in the general chaos that surrounds the convention, and when bodies start falling unexpectedly, the task becomes all that more urgent.And, as if Davenport weren't busy enough, an old nemesis and Davenport's young ward, Letty, combine to cause even more trouble. Some years earlier, a small-time pimp named Randy Whitcomb, disfigured one of Davenport's snitches, who was a hooker in Whitcomb's stable. In retaliation, Davenport beat Whitcomb within an inch of his life and for that Davenport was forced to leave the Minneapolis PD, at least temporarily. Later, Whitcomb was shot and paralyzed by another police officer, but Davenport was on the scene for that development as well, and Whitcomb has been seething with rage ever since.Now confined to a wheelchair and attended to by his one remaining hooker and a drug-addled sidekick, Whitcomb decides to take his revenge on Davenport by attacking Letty. Letty, who is now fourteen going on thirty-seven, trips to the plan. She's afraid that if she tells her father, Lucas will go ape-shit and kill Whitcomb, something that she thinks would not be good either for Lucas or for herself. She thus decides to handle the Whitcomb problem on her own.All of this makes for a hugely entertaining book that's at times both terrifying and hilarious. Sandford is the master of mixing these elements, and as usual, the characters and dialog are great; the plot rolls along at a rapid clip, and you can't put the damned thing down. Another great entry in an outstanding series.

  • Jeanette
    2019-05-19 08:03

    3.5 starsI've been enjoying the Prey series for about six or seven years now. Always fun for light reading. Lucas Davenport is sort of like Encyclopedia Brown---he never gets skunked. I think my favorites in the series are the ones with Clara Rinker, girl assassin, but all of them are good.This one has some laugh-out-loud guy banter, but Rosie Cruz gets the best line of all: "Ahhh, God. Men and their penises. If they didn't have them, we'd have to sew one on, just to give them something to talk about."

  • James
    2019-04-25 10:08

    The latest (19th?) Lucas Davenport novel is complicated. It starts off messy. It ends messy. And you're never quite sure that you believe what happened. But, as always, the indomitable Davenport holds it together.This book intertwines four story lines: A paraplegic pimp Randy out for revenge on Davenport, decides to plot the kidnapping of his ward Letty. In thread 2, Letty, about to be adopted as a daughter by the Davenports, figures out the plot after a clumsy "introduction" by Randy at a fast food joint. She befriends Randy's girlfriend tries to talk her out of the street. Meanwhile, a well funded and highly organized robbery gang has the Republican National Convention in its sights. It has targetted the cash rich lobbyists as targets. They are perfect victims because they are carrying huge amounts of cash that they can't report stolen. There is little security and the cash is already in small bills. Finally, the secret service is looking out for a lone gunman called Justice. They believe that he is in Minneapolis to assassinate someone---possibly McCain.All the story lines intertwined “Crash” style as the novel progresses. Some of the encounters appear a little forced, such as when the gang leader Brutus throws Randy under a bus.Even though the story is set in the middle of a party convention, Sandford does his best to touch upon but not dwell upon politics and politicians. The governor’s fixer Neil Mitford only puts in a guest appearance and we hardly see anything of his boss Rosemary. But the pace of the story moves smartly and about the 30th page, you won’t want to put the book down. Sandford’s story is best when he focuses on the chess game between Davenport’s thinking process and the criminal’s planning. The chase through the empty apartments is brilliant and truly believable. It must be fun being Sandford and working the puzzle from both ends. His writing is more contrived when he forces the confrontation---the gunfight at the end was totally staged. And, this time, there are happy endings all around.This is a good book for Davenport fans. Not one of his best. And not sure if I would recommend it to first time readers. Sandford seems to have started placing “big picture” crimes in his Davenport brand. The small crime lone detective mystery is increasingly placed in his Virgil Flowers brand. While I miss Davenport the serial killer hunter, I suppose this is a good way to avoid Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan as President problem (that is, what do you with a character after you’ve put him at the top of the world?).Buy it for the airplane ride.

  • Nancy
    2019-05-23 08:18

    As the character Davenport has aged, he has become more involved in political work, and less in stand alone criminal cases. As such, he is the point man for the Republican convention in St. Paul. His almost-adopted teen age daughter Lettie gets involved with some unsavory people who want to hurt her, and she shows her cunning by trying to thwart them. Lettie is a true chip off the old block, and although not all her decisions are sound, she is a force to be reckoned with. She and her Dad are quite a pair.

  • Mike
    2019-05-19 12:05

    With a convention in town, Davenport is alerted by the FBI that a high-end robbery gang leader may be on the scene. And the culprit is - looking to hold up money men greasing the political skids.Throw in an old antagonist, the handicapped pimp, Randy, and you have a full entertaining story.

  • Michael David Cobb
    2019-05-12 06:01

    Ah Lucas. Davenport doesn't seem to be his usual sharp self in this novel. In fact, the bad guy is so bad, not so much sick and evil, but so absolutely relentless, that he outshines just about everyone in this latest adventure. Davenport is actually overwhelmed not only by the criminals but by his new adopted daughter who is something of a feral Hermione Granger of the streets. This story is loose limbed and gets all over the place rather than the more claustrophobic sorts of environments Sandford has given us before. It's definitely a new twist and context for Davenport. I'm not sure I like it. I didn't feel Davenport's soul in this one.

  • Sandi
    2019-05-11 12:17

    Lucas and his crew keep busy when the Republican National Convention comes to town. An enjoyable audio though the secondary plotline featuring Letty was a bit overdone. The narration by Richard Ferrone was excellent as usual.

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-05-06 08:11

    Nineteenth in the Lucas Davenport mystery detective series set in Minneapolis and revolving around a get-things-done detective. It's set during the Republican National Convention when John McCain was nominated along with Sarah Palin.My TakeIt's a very clever twist on robbery. And I can't think of a better, ahem, class of people to be robbed. Meanwhile, Lucas has been making himself really "popular" by poking holes in convention security in every way possible, *lots of laughter*. Gotta hand it to Lucas, he is consistent.I'm wondering about Sandford's wife with the way he keeps "picking on" Weather. Not that she doesn't deserve it, lol. All it took was two paragraphs of some lovely show, and we know so much about Weather AND Lucas' characters…*more laughter*."The women in Lucas' life reduced him to a chattering-chipmunk state about once a month."Sorry guys, but it does crack me up the power women can wield. Here's Lucas, one scary MF who goes weak in the knees… And Sandford keeps it real with the proud papa, lol, as Lucas revels in how brilliant and gifted his son is. Remembering how much time I spend laughing when I read a John Sandford MYSTERY that is about serious topics and vicious criminals…it's what I love about Sandford's Lucas Davenport series (yeah, yeah, I'll get to more books Sandford has written as soon as I finish this series!) is how funny his writing is even as the bad guys run amuck.Lucas keeps it real, and Weather's come round to it:"…as regarded cops and robbers: it was all chaos, accident, stupidity, insanity, and coincidence."Although, it is amazing how Lucas pulls it together. The ideas he comes up with to figure out what's happening, how it happened, what is likely to happen. Little clues, unexpected comments, coincidences that set him to thinking.Ohhh, I love it. Lucas and Weather are looking to formally adopt Letty (Sandford includes a brief back history on Letty)! It'll be fraught with some careful and careless thinking on Letty's part as well as some almost terrifying insight into how Letty does think, her stalking actions. She could make a great general with that focus on the end game.Del cracks me up. He's so perfect for his undercover role; Sandford doesn't need a lot of words to draw a great picture of him. Love that comment from Del, lol."'You'd have to tone it down,' Del said. 'Like borrow clothes from me.'Lucas shuddered: 'Maybe not.'"Sandford is always too funny as he keeps the story real:"'Yeah? He's a marcher?' Lucas asked.'Anarchist,' she said. 'Or anti-Christ. One of the two. I can't keep them straight.'"Hmmm, there are some good riot rules Lucy lays out. It makes for an interesting contrast when you read Brutus' and Lindy's thoughts after their "catch-up" session at the motel. Two users gettin' along, hidin' their thoughts, lyin' to each other. Nor are they the only ones using in this group. Randy's back history gets laid out as well — I do like how Sandford writes his info dumps. No, well, okay, yeah, they're info dumps, technically, but Sandford does such a nice job of integrating them in. Writers should take note of this.Uh-huh, I think Lucas is straddling a fine line here with that political component issue of his, although I can see his point about the difference between what happened in Naked Prey, 14, owing some cops a favor, and what's happening now in Wicked Prey.The StoryIt's one last job, a doozy that should set Cohn up for a comfortable retirement. It's a crime that can't come into the open; they'll do everything they can to keep it quiet.Randy blames all his bad luck on Lucas and plans his revenge by stalking Letty. Good thing she's a smart, observant girl. Too bad she's a teenager.The CharactersLucas Davenport is a clothes- and poetry-loving troubleshooter for the governor. Dr. Weather Karkinnen is his wife and a plastic surgeon at Hennepin General. Sam is their two-year-old son, and Letty is their almost fifteen-year-old ward (Naked Prey). Ellen is their housekeeper.The Department of Public Safety is……a pet project of the governor's with Rose Marie Roux as its state public safety commissioner. Lucas works for her with Del Capslock (he's married to the pregnant Cheryl, a nurse). Lucas' other agents include Virgil Flowers, Dan Jackson is their photographer who really gets into outfitting Lucas, Jenkins and Shrake (he's dating Shirley Knox who Jenkins claims is in the Mafia) are a double act, Carol is Lucas' secretary, Jim Benson, Dave Tompkins, and Nancy.Neil Mitford is Governor Elmer Henderson's executive assistant and chief weasel. Dan Coates is with the Special Assignments Bureau, Lucas' opposite number in Wisconsin. The local FBI Agent-in-Charge is Wilbur Rivers. George Dickens is the Secret Service agent mentioned.Minneapolis PDOfficer Rick Jones caught the High Hat robberies. Danny Lake is the head of Robbery-Homicide. Officers Doug Swanson and Dan Long are standing by. Able Peterson is SWAT as is Dick McGuire.St. Paul PDLieutenant Don Parker caught Weimer's case. Dick Clay. Detective John Elleson catches Benson. Harrington is the chief of police. Sergeant Larkin gets in on the St. Andrew affair.Hudson PD in WisconsinOfficer Charles Dee won't be on the force long. Joshua Martin and Kyle Wayne were on the hotel desk when Dee came in.NYPDCaptain Lily Rothenburg is with the NYPD, and we met her in Shadow Prey, 2, and Silent Prey, 4.Washington D.C. District PDDetective Sams investigated Raphael's death.LAPDDetectives Lance Barr and Harvey Cason are investigating a suspicious fire.Elena Diaz lives in the Lu house in Venice with Martha Knofler (or Laura or Lauren or…). Louise Janowitz has insurance with State Farm. Dick and Carly are their neighbors. David Harelson does all sorts of photography.The Republican National ConventionDan Jacobs runs the convention-security coordination committee for the Convention. Sondra is his secretary. The people who assign the hotel rooms include Helen Fumaro, Cheryl Ann, and Lucy. Raphael Sabartes had been with them before he died.The lobbyists include……John Wilson, a little guy with a temper, and Lori Johnson is his, um, assistant; Bart Spellman is thinking ahead to the future; Ray Landy; Dick McCollum; Shelly Weimer; Buddy Snider and Sally Craig; Whitehead; Schott; and, the lucky Chuck Prince are more lobbyists.Seems the lobbyists aren't worried about who'll be the next president, they're "covered both ways".The St. Andrews hotelRob Benedict is a consultant in Washington D.C. who'll be an example. Ann and Karen are usually on the front desk at night.Channel Three is……the TV station where Letty's been working as an unpaid intern for the past two years. Jennifer Carey, the mother of Lucas' daughter, is Letty's mentor. Frank (he's got a nasty, well-known secret that comes in handy) and Lois Cline are part of the camera crew. Lorenzo who is a lawyer for Channel Three, Nelly Cassesford, Larry Johnston, and Andy Cramer who happily drives the van all work for the station.Brutus Cohn, a.k.a., John Lamb, is a brutal and efficient thief. (Billy Joe Wakefield is another possibility.) Rosie Cruz, who blends so easily, has worked with him before, and she has multiple agendas. The rest of the gang includes Jesse Lane who owns a farm in Alabama and turns out fast cars for moonshiners, Tate McCall has been clean for eight years and has a part ownership in a diner in Malibu, and Jack Spitzer is from Austin and mostly unemployed. Lindy is a long-time girlfriend of Brutus'.Randy Whitcomb (we first met him in Eyes of Prey, 3, and again in Chosen Prey, 12) is a major sleaze bag who should have been drowned at birth; now, he's a paraplegic with a major hate on for Lucas and delights in switches. Juliet Briar is a teen runaway who thinks Randy loves her. Yeah, as long as she keeps hooking for him. Ranch is Randy's male go-fer and an insane idiot. George is a teetotalling resaler. Don Johnson is the perverted mailman dating Juliet's mother.Dubuque and Moline Pollish are twins working as sexual entertainment managers, ahem. They're ticked that Randy is runnin' Jasmine on their street. Jorgenson is another pimp.Justice Shafer is a guerrilla, skinhead nutcake and a good sniper. An eighty-eight is a Nazi skinhead. Terry, the Jenkins brothers, and Bob Harper each run a gunshop. Jane works at the Wayfarer Motel. Bill Hefner is the "boyfriend" "tracking" the anarchists.John and Jeff are a couple of Letty's friends from school — Lucas has a problem with them. They're too much like he was, lol. Oh, the agony…*more laughing* Emily Grissom is a nasty little schoolmate.Achmed Mansoor owns a sandwich shop. Lucy's husband is one of the marchers. Marv is the leader of a skate gang. Jean is part of the gang, and she has a great face. Dan Eller is an association president of a block of condos; another building is run by Ken Jacobsen. Carl Bishop manages another block. The Hassans are Ethiopian janitors. Max Gomez is a welder. Dr. Grigor Papirian works at Regions Hospital.The Cover and TitleThe cover is the deep, dark green of night as we look down a forlorn alley, the neon green bright lights in the distance highlighting doorways and puddles on the pavement. The author's name is red and large and in charge of the creamy Wicked Prey, the men Lucas and his team are after.

  • Monnie
    2019-05-17 10:01

    Just when I've decided Sandford's "Prey" books get better as they go along, everything suddenly turned Wicked; this one is good, but definitely not one of my favorites. Most likely, that's because the plot involves the political scene - and frankly, reading about rock formations would be more interesting to me. Here, dastardly thieves and murderers are targeting folks who are passing out millions of dollars under the table on behalf of the political parties as the national convention comes to Minnesota. Detective and main character Lucas Davenport, of course, is charged with catching them.Sandford's books generally have a secondary plot, and this one didn't grab me much either. It centers on Davenport's 14-year-old ward Letty, whom he and his wife, Weather, are in the process of adopting. The street-smart girl, who's learning the ropes as an intern in the TV news business, discovers that a former nemesis of her soon-to-be-dad is on the loose and looking to get even - and takes it upon herself to handle things her way despite admonishings from Davenport.No doubt there are some really intelligent kids out there who have survived truly awful backgrounds, but Letty's abilities and thought processes go way beyond what I consider to be plausible. And when Davenport gets angry and tries discipline, she openly and belligerantly ignores him, nearly getting another teenager killed. Remorse? Fuhgettaboutit. The only time I saw anything close was near the end of the book when she expressed concern that after all she'd done (especially against their wishes), Lucas and Weather might not want to adopt her after all. Of course, they did - and I wouldn't have wanted it otherwise - but what I don't like is that when it comes to her actions, Davenport caves. Sure, he reckons, she shouldn't have done what she did, but we're family and "take care of our own." Sure, he's done similar things in his own career, which I suppose is why he understands where Letty is coming from. But she's 14 with a good home and the potential for a bright future, for gosh sakes - it's high time she learns that actions have consequences.On to No. 20!

  • Denise
    2019-05-01 10:11

    3.0 out of 5 stars Satisfying but not thrilling..., October 12, 2009By Denise "DC" (Missouri, USA) - See all my reviewsAnother satisfying outing from John Sandford. The series has gone on for quite a long time, lost its edge as part of the psycho thriller chiller genre, but still an enjoyable read. John Sandford has quite the character in Lucas Davenport, but I do miss some of the old associates or past partners in crime, namely the nun. Anyway, this one is interesting but I feel that perhaps the whole series might be winding down and need to be retired.In this book, Lucas is faced with tracking down a sophisticated robbery ring who stop at nothing, even murder, to get what they want. In addition, he's dealing with a side story about a guy who is possibly setting himself up to assassinate someone at the Republican convention in Minnesota - maybe even John McCain himself.I like the setting -- it's always fun to read a book set in a city that one is familiar with. I'm comfortable with the cast and crew -- some of whom I miss but others who have been around a long time. Weather still there as faithful wife -- not sure how she has enough energy to operate day after day and they don't seem to have much marriage going on -- but it seems to work. A glitch and an annoyance in this book was that of the ward, Letty. They are supposed to be adopting her -- she's 14. Frankly the fact that she is allowed to be running around Minneapolis and St. Paul unsupervised as she does is completely unbelievable from a parent's standpoint. Letty is involved in yet another side plot with a paraplegic pimp and his hooker. I did find that somewhat disconcerting and took it into consideration when rating the book.All in all, it's a decent read and fans of Lucas and John Sandford won't miss the latest in this "prey" series. I do wish he'd get back to writing edgy thrillers though.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-12 05:17

    I rarely enjoy a character so much that I stick with them through 19 books. Wicked Prey is the 19th book in Sandford's Prey series and it's just as good as the first. I don't know what it is about Lucas Davenport that is just so intriguing but as long as the stories are good and Lucas is in them, I'm a fan. If we include Kidd and that fuckin' Flowers, Sandford creates characters that you have to follow.Wicked Prey has the Republican convention in Minnesota, with McCain and Palin (ugh). I wonder how dated and weird that will be when someone 10 years from now reads this book. Anyways, filthy rich politicians are swarming and taking up every available police resource. Which is the perfect scenario for some intelligent heists. The "villians" in this book are actually incredibly smart. Frighteningly smart. They give Lucas a fair run for his money while they manage to pull off some pretty detailed robberies that net them millions of dollars. Incredibly smart doesn't mean they aren't greedy and the greed, and need for one final heist, ultimately is their undoing.The side story in this novel involves Letty, Lucas' soon to be adopted daughter. She goes up against her own set of evil-doers much to everyone's dismay. I realize that her character is still being fleshed out but in the Prey books, everyone is a supporting character to Davenport. So much time spent on Letty, in the end, irked me a little.Great plot, great writing and great characters. What else do you need?

  • Ron
    2019-04-26 12:18

    Another good one by Sandford. Not his best in the series, but, I'd still read one by him when he's not at his best than the best of several other authors.Somewhat different than the early Prey stories, in that this one did not center around a serial killer. Although, the story's biggest villain, Brute Cohn, has killed, and will kill, several times. The Republican National Convention is in town, in Minneapolis. This attracts a lot of criminals as a lot of people coming for the convention have a lot of wealth. Or, at least, that's the central story. Also, Davenport's daughter, is being watched, maybe stalked, by a lower criminal that is a paraplegic and blames Davenport for his ills. A blame only partly correct, but, in his simple mind, perfectly reasonable. He intends to get to Davenport through Lucas' daughter, Letty, a young teenager age 14. Letty is currently doing work with a TV station and fancies herself a budding reporter. The 2 stories, while never really converging themselves, never the less propel Davenport in separate ways. Some of the conflict arises from this dichotomy.All in all, a good read. I definitely enjoyed it. But, not really up to Sandford's personal par. Still, under par for him is more than enough reason for giving it a read. An average Sandford far supercedes the best of several authors that I've read.

  • Marleen
    2019-05-09 10:09

    At the start of Wicked Prey, it seems like Lucas Davenport hasn’t got a big caseload, except to liaise with the St. Paul/Minneapolis police departments and other law enforcement agencies who are covering the security of the Republican Convention which happens to be in town. When he receives a phone call from Lily Rothenburg, a very old flame of Lucas’s and currently high up in hierarchy of the NYPD to warn Lucas that a gang of murderous high stakes robbers may be in the Twin Cities, Lucas feels the adrenaline rush coming. This is a very clever crew of professional stickup men (and one woman) who are now focusing on political moneymen with briefcases full of cash. While that is going on, his soon to be adoptive daughter, Letty, 14 years old is being spied on by an old small-time nemesis of Lucas. Of course, Letty, being the smart kid she is, sees it all coming and turns the situation so as she can trap the culprit, much to Lucas’ dismay, when he later finds out. This was an entertaining read, especially the intricate pursuit of identifying all the main players of this murderous crew. As always, there's a great cast of characters, and pages full of witty dialogues.Tout ce que j'aime!

  • Jim
    2019-05-02 05:55

    The Republican Convention is rolling into the twin cities, the assistant to the Governor of Minnesota calls on Lucas Davenport to b e sure nothing goes wrong. They had received word that a assassin from Iowa was on his way to Minnesota to perform an assassination. Lucas begins following up on everything rumor wise but can find nothing. At the same time a group of robbers is in the area preparing to execute a daring robbery of all the high dollar influence peddlers who they plan to rob is a series of five or so robberies looking at taking in five or more million dollars, and perhaps one more that would be huge. At the same time a small time hood that Lucas had trouble with previously was released from prison and planning on revenge with Lucas. Seeing he probably couldn't get at Lucas he decided to get Letty, Lucas and Weather soon to be daughter. Built on this scenario the story gets ramped up and continuously builds up speed to a dynamic ending. Another outstanding John Sandford book that will keep you up and reading.I put this book on my shelving and just finished reading it the second time, March 24, 2015. I find in most cases you can get so caught up in reading Sandford's books a second reading comes in handy.

  • Carolyn (in SC) C234D
    2019-05-25 04:59

    I have enjoyed many books in the Lucas Davenport series over the years (although I haven't gotten to all of them), and I rate this one pretty high up there. There is an interesting gang of professional thieves in town to rob people at the Republican Convention, and they'll not hesitate to kill anyone in their way. Lucas's fourteen-year-old, about to be adopted ward, Letty, takes matters into her own hands when she figures out that a pathetic, paralyzed pimp in a wheelchair, who has a severe grudge against Davenport, plans to abduct her to get back at Lucas. This is a fast-paced story that isn't easy to put down.

  • Ellen Keim
    2019-05-25 08:15

    One of the author's strengths is the antagonists he creates. The protagonist, Lucas Davenport, is smart and relentless with an interesting back story, but it is the criminals and their crimes which keep the series fresh and fascinating. This book had the addition of a storyline involving Davenport's adopted daughter, Letty, which brought his personal life more to the forefront.

  • Diane
    2019-05-01 06:06

    Really enjoyed this book!

  • John
    2019-05-20 08:58

    Good book. Liked the plot twists Liked that some of the bad guys lived. Like in real life

  • Brent Soderstrum
    2019-04-27 09:13

    This is the 19th book from Sandford's fantastic series regarding Lucas Davenport.After taking a little break from the Lucas Davenport series and reading some other authors I got back into it with this one. I think reading some other authors made me more appreciative of the work Sandford does. Even though this one wasn't one of his best from the series, Sandford's subpar works are head and shoulders above most authors out there.This story revolves around the 2009 Republican convention which was held in the Twin Cities. What appears to be three separate stories at first all come together at the end. The biggest story is a group of thieves stealing big money from the money handlers at the convention. Lobbyists have a lot of cash to spread around to influence people. Amounts that don't get reported. Easy targets. The second part deals with Randy Whitcomb who is a paralyzed man intent on hurting Davenport in some manner. He blames Davenport for getting shot (although Davenport didn't do it). Davenport also beat him to near death in an earlier book in the series. One way to hurt Davenport is to get at Letty. Letty is set to become Lucas' adoptive daughter.The smallest story involves an assassin who is at the convention for some reason. Davenport must find him and determine who the target is.Great banter back and forth with the characters. My favorite part was the thieves sitting in a car hiding out and just chatting. Great stuff.I also like how the ending wasn't the way everyone thought it was or should end. Life is like that. It doesn't always end up perfect. Things don't end up perfect for Lucas either. Just like me and you I guess.Read this series. You will not regret it.

  • Ed
    2019-05-02 11:14

    #19 in the Lucas Davenport series. The main plot has a murderous gang planning a caper at the Republic National Convention. The secondary plot has Lucas' old nemesis Randy Whitcomb plotting to kidnap Lucas' ward Letty to exact revenge on Lucas for his crippled condition. Letty is a great character and the sub-plot carried by her threatens to overtake the main plot. Some of the gang's set-up and backstory could be skipped without injuring the story. Recommended, especially for Lucas Davenport fans.Lucas Davenport series - The Republicans are coming to St. Paul for their convention. Throwing a big party is supposed to be fun, but crashing the party are a few hard cases the police would rather stayed away. Chief among them is a crew of professional stickup men who've spotted several lucrative opportunities, ranging from political moneymen with briefcases full of cash to that armored-car warehouse with the weakness in its security system. All that's headache enough for Lucas Davenport-but what's about to hit him is even worse. A while back, a stray bullet put a pimp and petty thief named Randy Whitcomb in a wheelchair, and, ever since, the man has been nursing his grudge into a full head of psychotic steam. He blames Davenport for the bullet, but it's no fun just shooting him. That wouldn't be painful enough. Not when Davenport has a pretty fourteen-year-old adopted daughter that Whitcomb can target instead. . . . And then there's the young man with the .50 caliber sniper rifle and the right- wing-crazy background, roaming through a city filled with the most powerful politicians on earth.

  • J.C.
    2019-05-02 06:05

    One of the Best Lucas Davenport Books So FarIn his nineteenth edition to the Lucas Davenport Prey series, John Sandford proves beyond a reasonable doubt that somethings will never grow old or tired. The hero, Lucas Davenport, is up to his neck in problems in WICKED PREY. WICKED PREY has three different crimes running at the same time that seem to weave in and out of each other, all the while the Republican Nomination Convention sets the stage for limited resources and manpower in the background.On the forefront there is a gang of armored car robbers looking for a big score, a man with a rifle looking for weaponry for a 750 yard shot, and Randy Witcomb (from previous Prey installments) looking to settle the score with Davenport.Sandford excels in painting the life of a law enforcement official, from the slow times of walking the beat to the climatic shootouts, and WICKED PREY is no exception. The writing style is so elegant in the portrayal of the life looking for criminals, hoping for breaks, and running around in the thick of chaos. As he has proven time and time again, nobody writes a better criminal apprehension story than John Sandford, and WICKED PREY is no exception.WICKED PREY is fantastic. It just might be one of my top three Lucas Davenport stories, coming in a close second or third behind BROKEN PREY and SECRET PREY. Don't miss this one; it's WICKED!Good reading,Plants and Books Visit my Blog for More Reviews

  • Doug Cummings
    2019-05-13 10:06

    I haven't found a bad Sandford book and this one certainly is not, although "cumbersome" might apply. He juggles quite a bit, including the Republican Convention, a murder gang, his daughter Letty, and her misadventures with a pimp who wants to kidnap her to get back at her father for earlier transgressions. It's tough for me to suspend disbelief with Letty. She's superteen here as she was in Naked Prey, the book where she was introduced. Hard to imagine a fourteen-year-old girl, even from her background, being quite as fearless and conniving as she is. I like her character but she's a distraction and the goofy way Sandford shoehorns her subplot into the main action made me stumble a bit. That said, the pacing is otherwise Sandford-smooth, the characters fascinating and believable (as an ex-cop and former crime reporter myself, I always enjoy his street people, witnesses and, of course, his cops). I particularly liked the ending...from the shoot-out to the surprising split of the take to Letty's brief winning confrontation with a fellow student. See, I like her! Just maybe, maybe, she doesn't always need to be Davenport's mini-me.

  • Mike
    2019-04-30 08:08

    Wicked Prey, Wicked Prey by John Sandford, is maybe 3 Stars. Seriously liked reading about the area since I have spent a lot of time there. Having family in Hudson, WI., where the bad guys stage out of, made it real. Multiple angles are played by the bad guys as they execute some interesting robberies. I also LMAO as I identified with the frustration generated by Lucas’s adopted daughter. He nails the agony and ecstasy of having a teenage daughter. Sometime there will likely be a series featuring her. Obviously, writing about a political event like the Republican convention in Minneapolis in 2008 is going to make this a limited appeal book as we get further away in time. Republicans will not like this book, at least the first 1/3, as Sandford establishes his liberal bona fides…f*ing Republicans is a common refrain. He probably has enough money from all his previous novels to piss off 40+% of potential readers. But why do it?

  • Bob
    2019-04-28 12:16

    Lucas Davenport is back in a case that has then running around the twin cities. The Republican convention is in town and the grey area money men are as well. Carrying huge amounts of cash to pass under the table in the political process they are ideal prey of a group of bad guys who have elaborate plans to acquire it and the bagmen can’t complain to the cops without being suspect themselves. The bad guys lead Lucas on a merry chase and they are not above killing when they feel like it. It’s another page turner as the case develops and Lucas’ soon to be adopted teenage daughter plays a big role in a parallel thread as she tries to protect Lucas from himself when she leans that a low level pimp who clashed with him is out to do harm to his family. She is afraid that Lucas may act too strongly and get himself into trouble. If you are a Prey fan, you don’t want to miss this one.ISBN - 978--0-399-15567-3, Suspense, Pages - 402, Print Size - R, Rating -

  • Keith
    2019-05-26 05:15

    Lucas Davenport is a tough cop with a lot of experience but always seems to be one step behind a gang of stick-up men that are just as smart and experienced as he is. The leader is a clever and violent killer who has teamed up with a coldly intelligent woman whose strategies always keep them one step ahead of the law. Lucas also finds himself outflanked by his teenaged daughter who by an improbable coincidence becomes entangled with someone from Lucas’ past who is out to harm him and his family. His daughter is determined to outsmart the psychotic thug and defend Lucas as well as the family without her father’s knowledge. This is an entertaining thriller with believable dialogue and compelling plot twists from beginning to end.

  • Lisa Gines
    2019-04-29 09:13

    Lucas Davenport is just a stud. He's rich, good looking, smart and doesn't put up with a lot of crap. Wicked Prey was interesting because of the multiple protaganists. Seeing the dynamic between Davenport and the cops and then the dynamic between the criminals was really enlightening. It seemed to give depth to the story. The story was very believable. With events set in a very recent place in history. I think that enhanced the beliveability of the story. At first I thought there might be too many subplot for the story to stay together, but Sandford keeps the storyline cohesive. One thing, there is a lot of violence in this story. For some reason it stood out in this book more than the others in the series. But, the characters were violent people, so it plays along.

  • Robin
    2019-05-17 07:55

    The Republican National Convention is coming to St. Paul to nominate John McCain. A well organized group of robbers who have killed cops in NYC is also coming to St. Paul looking for a huge score, targeting first the money men who hand out cash during the convention, and then the safe deposit boxes in the swankiest hotel. A pimp named Randy is gunning for Letty, Davenport's ward, as payback for all the wrongs he believes Lucas has done him. I really liked the robber gang part of the story. I'm sorry I have a hard time believing that 14 year old Letty is now a TV news correspondent, even if Lucas' ex Jennifer is involved. That side story was one of Sandford's worst. Good thing the action and tension surrounding the robberies made up for it.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-07 09:11

    This installment took me a while to get into. There are basically two story lines; one involving Lucas and one involving Letty. On their own, they would've been fine - the intersection of the two stories was a bit much. I'm not sure I'm liking the way Letty is developing but she's very complex and there's alot more coming with her, I'm sure. The main story is about a gang of high stakes robbers hitting the Republican Convention. Interesting how it pans out . . . seems the ones that deserve to be got, are got and the rest work it all out. . .

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-21 09:11

    I discovered the Lucas Davenport series about 10 years ago. Though I thoroughly loved the first several Prey novels, the last few have left me feeling somewhat less interested. Still enjoy the characters and the rapid-fire conversation, but there doesnt seem to be as much mystery as with the earlier prey novels-no waiting until the end to find out whodunnit and why. I get that the series is more along the police-procedural-as-opposed-to-true-mystery lines, but a little bit of a challenge always makes for more interesting reading.